Camera Tricks That Made Steven Frayne Appear To Walk On Water

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Can you recall the sensational magician, Steven Frayne popularly known as dynamo, made rounds on the internet sometimes ago with his video trick of walking on wall and water, and also levitating on air.The magic tricks, left many amazed, the video got 30m views from Ukraine alone. Many likened it to the miraculous act of Jesus of walking on the sea.

Not just too long ago,he revealed how he did this magical tricks to his fans and tips on how anyone can do same. The trick which left everyone spell bound according to him " anyone can do it using phone camera and some choice props,series of screw photo, make the subject appear to perform fantastic feats". Here is a secret of how he walked on water and on a perpendicular wall; in his words " By using a photographer and a smart phone- then laying on your side to create the image. The finished product is an illusion, when on it side, appears to show me walking out of a wall".

For levitation, he said that by using a mixture of forced perspective techniques, a handful of simple and easy made props and a phone camera, anyone can levitate. He also revealed how he made other illusion videos It is not difficult anymore, its no more secret, anyone can perform it,just anyone.

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