Meet Wode Maya Popular Ghannian Utube Vlogger

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Wode Maya as many knows him is a Ghannian Utube Vlogger who shares great content about Africa on his Utube Channel.He has gained popularity across Africa and the world at large.What do u think of Wode Maya,is Africa the future? Let us know in the Comments section.

His goal is to bring all African utubers together,he gained maximum recognition when he started his “African To World" his aim was to projects Africa.

The biggest natural lake in Ghana

Africa is the land of opportunities,but due to corruption and embezzlement of funds Africa is known to be a poor continent.But on his channel he shows how beautiful Africa is,how rich our culture is.

How African American Firm Built a World Class Medical Center in Ghana

He studied aeronautical engineering in china,and has a bachelor's degree in aeronautics.He started uploading vedios on his Utube channel while in china,and has over 500,000 following till date.

One of the untold stories in china


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