5 Great Gifts That Can Uplift the Mood of Your Girlfriend Astronomically.


Relationship goals are very imperative as far as keeping your girl happy is concerned. Women love it when they feel loved. It shows security in retaliating similar affection for the man. Thank God that the acts that can accelerate the love of a woman don’t cost much.

Here is a list of things that can make your girlfriend/wife excited and love you even more:

Necklace with her name

Some time ago, I designed a necklace with the name of my girlfriend (Afia). I didn’t inform her. She was home one day and I went close to her and wore the jewellery on her neck. It’s been a year and 4months and the necklace is still on her neck. She adores it: the fact that I think about her and made her a piece of jewellery. Do this to your girl and she would be grateful.

Surprise lunch or breakfast

Surprise her with lunch at work. Many women love it when they are showed love in the midst of their fellow women or in public. It boosts their sense of belongingness and creates an atmosphere where they can feel secure.

Bags and Shoes

Ladies love Bags and shoes. They compliment their appearances and improve their apparel appeal. That’s why most ladies have a legion of bags and shoes at home. Anita Akufo of TV3 said she has over 500 shoes. So, one day when you’re out there and finds a bag that is beautiful, presentable and has chances of appealing to your spouse, grab it for her. She’d love it.

Framed image of her

One day, after I was done shopping at the mall and exiting, I decide to print a framed image of my girlfriend. That image of her was beautiful and colourful. I packaged it and presented it to her. After opening the package, she jumped into excitement. She told her she had wanted to do that. So, what image does your partner love and can’t stop talking about it? Go and frame it for her.


Money? Yes. Money is part of the deal. Just like men love to have money. Women too love to be gifted with money. Perhaps you could send her airtime and data. Send her surprise mobile money when you get money. 

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