Taxi driver wears a helmet instead of a mask

A taxi driver is wearing a helmet instead of wearing his mask gets people talking from social media, since the picture got to the internet today. Mask are not really comfortable and this biker helmet is much better compared to a mask.

It is a good plan to substitute a mask with a helmet for the comfort of the helmet. With his helmet you will be taken to your secondary location from where he took you, without seeing his face. With this helmet someone famous can drive you without getting knowing is your favourite celebrity.

Corona makes human life not easy and the taxi driver made a plan for himself so that, he is going to do his work without any struggle of wearing a mask the whole. His is really a problem solver being against a mask, that you must wear it in public spaces.

At the moment restrictions continues and if you don't make your living conditions at work much better for yourself, you may not do your work better like this taxi driver and enjoy. He looks very much comfortable and protected against the virus.

From this moment you should be considering or looking for an idea of how are you going to work without any worries of wearing a mask the whole day. If your a frontline worker it would be most preferable to make a plan for yourself.

Good luck to anyone who is looking for creative way of protecting themselves from the virus like this taxi driver. His plan may look halarious, but then it is a fantastic plan in motion. He must be happy to do his work just like before the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are your thoughts?