A lady almost disgraced herself in a photograph, camera caught her


Women wearing skin tight trousers has become part and parcel of the young ladies in this modern generation. In Ghana hear, it seems ladies nowadays want to stop the Ghanaian culture of dressing and stick to that of the foreigners.

They wear trousers (skin tight) to school, in the market places and some even wear it to church since it is now accepted by many Churches in Ghana as their code of dressing.

However, ladies that love wearing these trousers focus on how beautiful it is and forget about the disadvantage side of it. Because of how it tightens the body, it is very important for every woman to give the skin tight trouser a second look before wearing it.

A picture trending on social media platforms today is a lady who almost disgraced herself in a photograph. The lady in this picture with her boyfriend was wearing a skin tight trouser sitting in front of her the guy.

Mistakenly, some part of the skin tight of the lady got torn and almost exposed her private parts publicly.

This is serving as a deterrent to other women out there who always want to be in skin tight trousers.

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