Father and his two children died in a house fire in Covi-River, Cape Town

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Last week at the Covid-River Cape Town twin died with their-year-old father. The problem with the family facing is the funeral of the third one with dignity. Family member Zoleka Velengceni said no one knows what caused the fire. ′′ While starting a fire in the morning Friday last week, the mother of the children woke up and took out twins with her other child ", Velengceni said.

He drove by and said they heard the father of twins screaming inside. ′′ The mother of the children saw the second twin coming back inside and the other one has already entered to rescue their father ", Velengceni said. Unfortunately, Aphiwe and Aviwe (twins) and their father Lindile Zote died inside the gallery which was a strong bottle.

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′′ It's very difficult to accept that everyone is gone, the saddest thing is that they were already released and returned because they said they will save their father ", Velengceni said. He said they are asking for help no matter what. ′′ No one is employed, a person who had a week working is the father of the children after being unemployed for a long time ", Velengceni said.

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