Have you filled your tax returns, this is how to file nil in kra returns


July 31 2021 is the last date of filing Income Tax returns while lots of us are gearing up to finalize on the task. You'd be surprised by the number of individuals who seem to think that filing tax returns is voluntary or unnecessary. We must file income tax returns in an annual activity, it's a duty of every responsible citizen.

When filling nil return, all you need is your KRA PIN certificate and an account on KRA's iTax website.

1. Click on www.itax.kra.go.ke to log in.

2. Put in your user ID that is your KRA Pin, then click on the continue button.

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3. Another tab will appear where you will input your password and then proceed to fill in the Security stamp (answer the simple arithmetic) below, then click enter.

4. A red menu bar appears, hover mouse on 'RETURNS' icon, a drop-down will appear; select the File Nil Returns.

5. A new page appears, on the 'Type' tab, fill in 'self', then on the 'TAXPAYER PIN' type in your KRA pin and on the 'TAX OBLIGATION' option insert 'Income tax resident.' then click 'Submit.

6. When the process is successful, an e-return acknowledgment receipt will appear. Click download the receipt and you will be all done. You can print or email yourself the receipt for safekeeping.

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