Here is how you can cut and prepare a cabbage

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Here's a brisk guide for How to Cut Cabbage for dishes like Cole Slaw and Sautéed Cabbage, in addition to how to center, cut, or shred cabbage with a blade or mandolin. 

Fixings matter as well, yet such an extensive amount how you experience food can be changed just by how you cut it. 

Instructions to Cut Cabbage - Shown Shredded on a Cutting Board 

At whatever point I get a new head of cabbage from the store, this is the means by which I prep it for cooking. 

At that point you can switch up how you cut it relying upon the dish, regardless of whether you're making cabbage steaks, cabbage soup, or need some meagerly cut cabbage for cole slaw. 

Step by step instructions to Prepare Cabbage: 

On the off chance that the cabbage comes from the store with thick, dim, and stringy external leaves, and you're making something like cole slaw where the cabbage will be eaten crude, you will probably need to eliminate those first: 

Entire Purple and Green Cabbage on Counter 

Treat Dough Cheesecake Bars 

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Those leaves are harder than the inward part, and I'll eliminate them and put something aside for cooked applications, as sautéed cabbage or soups: 

Eliminated Outer Leaves from Green and Purple Cabbage 

The most effective method to Cut Cabbage: 

Find the stem on the base, at that point carve the whole cabbage through the stem: 

Slicing Cabbage Head Down the middle Through Core 

Cut those parts down the middle to yield quarters, at that point it's not difficult to remove the center, this way: 

Cabbage Cut into Quarters and cutting out Core 

The most effective method to Slice Cabbage: 

For dishes where you need slim strips of cabbage, utilize a blade or mandolin to cut, laying the cabbage quarter on its level side: 

Instructions to Shred Cabbage with a Knife Slicing Downward 

Nonetheless, in the event that you have a mandolin, I believe it's greatly improved for cutting and destroying. 

You will get all the more even, uniform long strands, and it very well may be somewhat speedier than cutting with a blade: 

Destroyed Cabbage - On a Board After Run on mandolin 

You can see the distinction here between the hand-cut cabbage on the left, and the mandolin-cut cabbage on the right: 

Destroyed Cabbage - Side by Side Mandolin versus Hand Cut 

I likely could've taken as much time as is needed somewhat more and made at that point blade cut pieces more slender, however the mandolin is such a great deal simpler. 

Presently the cabbage is fit to be utilized in whatever formula you'd like, like a Classic Cole Slaw: 

Cole Slaw - with Green and Purple Cabbage and Carrot Shreds in White bowl 

For more produce cutting aides, I have How to Dice Zucchini, How to Cut a Watermelon, and more in my Vegetable Sides segment of the formula record. Glad cooking! 

Finely Shredded Cabbage on Cutting Board 

The most effective method to Cut Cabbage 


The most effective method to Cut Cabbage for dishes like Cole Slaw and Sautéed Cabbage 



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1 head of red or green cabbage 


On the off chance that utilizing the cabbage for a crude arrangement like cole slaw, I suggest eliminating any thick and stringy external leaves. 

Wash and dry the cabbage well, at that point cut down the middle through the stem. 

Cut those parts down the middle to yield quarters, at that point cut the center out of each quarter. 

Lay each cabbage quarter on a level side, and daintily cut into strips. The cabbage is presently fit to be utilized! 


calories: 56kcal, carbs: 13g, protein: 2g, sodium: 40mg, potassium: 385mg, fiber: 5g, sugar: 7g, nutrient a: 225IU, nutrient c: 83.1mg, calcium: 91mg, iron: 1.1mg 

Nourishment is assessed utilizing a food data set and is simply expected to be utilized as a rule for educational purposes.

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