9-year-old Eastern Cape boy teaches professor about the power of respect

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A 9-year-old boy from Eastern Cape Aiden Evert gave expert professor Jonathan Jansen something to ponder when he said "Good morning sir."

Jansen said Aidan’s manners were a reflection of the school and those around him.

“This young boy stopped, waved at me and said ‘good morning, sir’ and I wanted to cry. He wasn’t born like that. He was taught to be like that.

“You are not born racist, sexist or xenophobic — somebody has to teach you right from wrong. Somebody has to teach you to love. This boy made my day because he looks at a stranger and says good morning,” Jansen said.

Addressing the class of 2022, Jansen said he had no doubt that Muir College had some of the best teachers who would teach them the best academic subjects.

However, he said, he was more concerned about the pupils being taught to be decent human beings who respected all people.

Jansen complimented the school on its excellent academic performance and urged it to instil good human values in its pupils.

Muir College principal Robin Stephenson said Jansen’s words went to the core of what the school continuously emphasised and strived to improve on.

For 200 years, Stephenson said, Muir College had carried its core values such as the quest for excellence and human decency.

Source: https://www.heraldlive.co.za/news/2022-08-05-boy-9-teaches-professor-the-power-of-respect/

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