Seven Cosmetic Remedies That Will Not Help Your Skin All


Tissue masks

We aren’t sure if tissue masks are actually useless, they really make the skin look better for a special occasion. But you don’t really need them because most of them are simply moisturizing or oil absorbing and you can achieve the same effect using a simple cream.

Shaving cream

It served an important purpose before the shower gel appeared, it softened the hair follicles and helped the razor blade slip easily over the skin. But since the shower gel contain a lot of glycerol and more moisturizing substances than shaving cream the choice is obvious.

Split end remedies

There is no cosmetic remedy that can solve the problem of split hair, the only thing that can only give a visual effect is serum and balms which sticks the splits ends together for a while. The only remedy that works is a haircut.

Hand cream, foot cream and body lotion

This is among the myths that marketers have created, people need different creams for different parts of the body. The face require special care but in most occasions you can use a single product for your entire body. All moisturizing creams and lotions work the same way and anyone can use them for both the hands and body.

Dandruff shampoo

The spread of a fungus known as dandruff begins when the sebaceous gland is not working properly. An ordinary shampoo cannot help you get rid of this kind of problem. What it does is that, it dries out the scalp. When you’re suffering from this problem, you need a special medical shampoo which can be bought at a pharmacy.

Cuticle oil

People think that it is an excellent thing using a couple of drops of special oil to achieve a decent manicure. But once it’s absorbed, the effect disappears and brings no use. If you actually want to help the nails, try cosmetic Vaseline or basic natural oils.

Facial toner

Most of us consider them necessary because we use the wrong skin care products. Cleansing soap is more effective than toner because it doesn’t contain any alcohol, doesn’t dry the skin and has a neutral pH level.