Ramaphosa makes this plans for unemployed people in SA

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The president Cyril ramaphosa together with lindiwe zulu, the minister of social development agency had to be in a meeting, the meeting was more about the protection of the unemployed people in south Africa.

the president was impressed to see the change of the country which is focusing more on helping out poor people in south Africa, with more measures as the president want to be able to implement mechanism that works for the unemployed people in south Africa.

This could be the reason why the president Cyril ramaphosa have been regarded as the best president so far in south Africa, it could be the reason that he did take the leadership position during the difficult time in south Africa.

with the impact of covid 19 being able to destroy the economy of the country, many believe that the current president Cyril rampahosa played a big role when it comes to protected the resources of the country and also to be able to protect the unemployed people in south Africa.

(Minister of finance)

For him to be able to announce the special relief for the unemployed people in south Africa, this was the best move that unemployed people wanted the government to notice them as they are unemployed without any source of income.

A possible extension of the grant for the R350 grant Is expected, this is because of the unemployed high rate in south Africa, it is expected that more mechanism will be implemented by the government and the treasury to be able to fight the unemployed rate in south Africa.

According to the new minister of finance more programmes must be implemented but the problem will be that the job creation programmes of the government always takes time, and corruption always delays the job creation programmes of the government.

The current president Cyril ramaphosa is impressed with the work ethic in the country to be able to fight poverty in the country, The social development agency Is under pressure to be able to deliver for the poor people of south Africa, this surely means that any corruption in the department might affect the progress of the government.


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