HAPPENING NOW:Horrific Road Accident Involving A Truck Reported At Kaburengu, Killing 2 People[Photo

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Cases of road accidents here in Kenya have been reportedly vividly increasing day by day across different counties here in Kenya. Most of these road accidents are spearheading due to certain factors which are associated with human errors eg driving while drunk, overspeeding, overlapping and overtaking carelessly etc.

According to the latest news report that has been shared online via Facebook platform, a long distance Truck has been reportedly overturned at Kaburengu killing two people on the spot.

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The cause of that tragic accident has not yet been revealed but traffic police officers are currently at the scene and when we get the whole updates we will get you notified.


Kenyans on social media have elicited mixed reactions concerning that incident whereby some section of netizens have sent their condolences message to the family and friends of the deceased and have wished them to rest in peace.

Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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