Bonang and Pearl Thusi has got people talking today, see details

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The name of Bonang has been trending on social media on Friday morning we're serious information, has been revealed between these two celebrities that look like they are on a serious war that might cause serious problems in their careers in the weeks to come.

This industry is too small when it comes to causing wars with other people because many companies might deny working with you in the future, this issue is starting to be a problem where Pearl Thusi has decided to apologize to Bonang about accusing her of using which craft.

But it's the culture of every African child to be involved in this looking at how many children have been raised in their homes.

Most people use this as a way to protect themselves from getting witched by other people because of the jealousy that they can get from them.

But this whole thing has caused serious drama on Twitter because people are giving their different opinions about it.

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