Sir Fredrick Edward Kabaka Mutesa Laid To Rest


The body of Sir Frederick Edward Kabaka Mutesa ll the King of Buganda and the first president of Uganda lies in state in a glass coffin at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala. 

The body was in a good state despite having been buried in Kensel Cemetery London for 2 years , before being exhumed and returned to Uganda. 

Kabaka being a Royal, had been buried in London in a lead lined coffin. Many royals, including British, are typically been buried in such coffins.

This is because they can be sealed airtight which greatly slows the decomposition of a body. Because of the lead lining the coffins are normally heavy. Princess Diana's lead lined coffin  weighed 250 Kgs. 

One Welsh guard who was a pall bearer said they trained for the duty by carrying a coffin packed with sandbags over a bridge, to the point that "our shoulders were all getting quite bruised".

He worked with loyalty and honesty to make people of buganda.May his soul rest in peace.

Also those on government are urged to work the same and improve the lives of people.

Source: Monitor news