Major Problems Regarding The Release Of Zuma From Prison

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The Jacob Zuma foundation released some very interesting news regarding the release of former head of state, Due to security measures the release of Jacob Zuma from hospital to Nkandla it's going to be very private.

As we all know that in that part of the country Jacob Zuma is so loved, and because of the affection they have for him his followers they wanted to organise a welcome home Party.

And we are currently dealing with a pandemic, of we don't practice social distance next thing we're going to have on our hands is another Covid-19 super spreader event. This welcome rally has even attracted attention from the media, as a result people will never know when he's being discharged from the hospital, they didn't want their leader to go to prison in the very first place so you can only understand the exciting from the Zulu people as well as other people who loves him.


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