Dear Ex Video Vixen Saringe Says Bahati Warned Her Not To Twerk On His Hit Song


Mungai Eve never disappoints when it comes to toping headlines. Moments ago she housed a heated interview with Aisha Saringe the popular video vixen featuring in Bahati's new hit song 'dear ex'.

The lady is famously known as Saringe all over social media. The popular video vixen resides in Kibera and as always Mungai never fails to applause the great content and talent that comes out of Kibera slums.

Saringe has appeared in many songs to name a few, "dear ex" by Bahati, "Haga ya karao" by Benzema David and she also featured in an international project by an artist known as Laga from the U.K.

Mungai inquired of how Saringe landed the super deal with Bahati and Saringe explained herself pretty well as people know her as a dancer while others know her as a twerker.

Saringe says that Bahati wanted a dark skin for his project and also had a preference for a lady who is not popular, that description was the best thing ever for Saringe since she fitted in all aspects named. 

Saringe explains that Bahati is the best artist she has ever worked with here in Kenya so far. She says Bahati is so cool and humble.

She would like to work more with Bahati. Saringe was inquired to give an opinion on working with Benzema since his videos are seen as of more like nude images. She replied that Benzema is so respectful at the time of video shooting since there is work ethics and he is respectful.

Mungai referred Saringe as a video queen and the frame around it. Saringe narrates how the fame blinded the individuals around Kibra to see her as rich which in a real sense she is not.

Saringe is thankful to Bahati for believing in her since she has gained exposure. Bahati told her that she would not twerk in the video.

What is your view on Saringe's career journey?

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