Check Out The Strong Message Yaa Jackson Sent To Her Brother Who Claimed She's Being Used By Devil

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Recently, Yaa Jackson's stepbrother who is now a staunch believer of the Christian faith made a very interesting revelation about his sister's spiritual life.

According to Jackson Nyame popularly known as chef, Yaa Jackson is being manipulated and used by the devil to sway men away from the kingdom of God but he believes in his heart that his sister wishes to repent.

He explained that Yaa Jackson's recent nine-day wonder repentance came as a result of a scary dream the actress had about the second coming of Christ.

Even though the actress and musician disclosed that she doesn't know anything about what his brother is saying, it appears that she has finally gathered the right missiles to throw at her stepbrother.

In the latest social media update, the musician and actress were throwing some wild shots and checking from the post she made, there were subliminal and targeted bullets to her stepbrother.

Check Out What She Wrote On Instagram Below;

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