Styling Tips For Men Who Want To Look Taller

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While you can do many things to enhance your fashion game and appearance, your stature is something you might not control. Being short is one of the disadvantages many men grumble about, even if they don't announce it. While you can't grow taller in seconds, your outfit can make you appear so. Learn about clothing hacks that might get you to the level of Jonny Wick.

1. Monochrome wear

Instead of pairing up many colors of clothes, stick to only one color for an outfit. For example, wear a black T-shirt and black jeans or a white T-shirt and white trousers.

2. Wear fitted shirt

Don't make people ask if your dad or brother owned the shift in their youth. Make your shirt shorter to balance out your height.

3. Ignore too many blacks

You can wear a black shirt and jeans, but don't pair them with other black sneakers, a black wristwatch, a black belt, and dark sun shades. This styling shrinks you further and pronounces your height.

4. Keep your hair short

Bulky or long hair squeezes your neck. Short hair, however, brings our your neck and highlights your chin.

5. Wear slightly low-heel shoes or sneakers

These shoes can give you some lifts, but her should be minimal. Else, people will know you are trying to make yourself look taller.

6. Wear fitted suit

Know your suit size. Never settle for a baggy suit that makes you look old and very short no matter what happens.

7. Long topcoat

Topcoats should fall around your mid-thigh area to elongate the torso and increase your height. Make it monochrome to balance your size out. 

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