Nsiki Mazwai Fires Shot At Other Celebs but The Shot Backfired.

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02 December 2021

When it comes to female celebrities who are activists and feminists, Nsiki Mazwai is one of the celebrities that should not be left out on the list. Even though this is the case, it appears that Nsiki does not mind being labeled as not beautiful.

Recently, Nsiki Mazwai made a statement about other female celebrities who use makeup to boost their beauty. Everyone likes to be labeled as beautiful, no one likes to be ugly no matter except for that one person, i.e. Nsiki Mazwai.

In a recent tweet, Nsiki fired shots at celebrities who use makeup to advance their beauty.

"Without make up your faves are also Ntsiki Mazwai shem...", she said.

See the reactions to Nsiki's accusations below:

Although there were hilarious responses to Nsiki's accusations some Twitter user complimented how real Nsiki is.

And what I like about Nsiki Mazwai, she has natural beauty, her smooth chocolate brown skin is a wow! How I so wish I was a man, I'd definitely try my luck. Well toned, curvy, and got well moulded ass, I'm not buying face,I'm being real", she wrote.

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