William Ruto React To His Rally In Kiambu County Today.

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William Ruto who is the leader of UDA party today tweeted on his twitter page that We are joining forces with leaders who believe in the agenda of uniting and uplifting millions of Kenyans who are struggling to put food on the table. This comes after William Ruto had a very successful rally in Kiambu county today.

Aringo tweeted, "Hehehehe,while you chase away investors like Dangote,kill the aspirations of many upcoming businessmen like the makindu computers who lost 200m worth of computers in your office,you oppose the setting up of gun manufacturing plant."

Waggs tweeted, "Only the blind will follow empty promises. Unga haijawahi shuka since 2013! So u wanna tell us itashuka when you become the chef? Madness."

Otieno tweeted, "Its in believable you were the deputy president while these poor Kenyans were struggling,yet all you can do making empty promises while hobnobbing and globe-trotting the whole nation."

Tiga tweeted, "They're many such leaders who used to be intimidated and bullied by #thetiredman back in the day but now you've shown them how the game is played."

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