Don't throw that rice water away, use it like this.

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Rice water provides a lot of nourishment to the body. Here's why you can do with it...

Boost your energy. - Drinking cooked rice water can help in improving digestion, relieves constipation and can prevent several ailments. - Rice water is packed with the goodness of minerals and healthy carbohydrates. - Drinking a glass of rice water every morning can give your body ample energy to stay active throughout the day.

As food for toddlers. - Instead of investing in expensive baby food, give a little cooked rice along with some rice water to the toddler. - It's easy to digest and provides instant energy. - It also removes constipation.

As cornstarch for your clothes. - Rice water has been used to give cotton clothes a nice crisp texture. - Just dip the washed fabric in rice water and let it sun dry.

Treat acne and pimples. - Applying rice water on pimples and acne can naturally reduce those unpleasant masks. - You can use it as a toner to reduce the open pores, just dab a cotton ball in the rice water and use it over the affected areas. - Get rid of pimples and acne effortlessly.

Quick hair tonic and mask. - Just massage your hair with rice water and keep it for 20 minutes. - This will help in reviving the lost sheen of hair in just a few days.

Easy face serum. - Just fill a bottle with one portion of rice water, rose water, and glycerine. Mix it up nicely and add drops of orange essential oil. Mix it all together and use it for a clear skin.

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