A Man Passed Out After A Lady With Huge Backside Twerked Heavily On Him At An Event (+VIDEO)

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Some female entertainers lose sight of the fact that men are mortal as well. A man lying down flat for a lady to heavily twerk on him is becoming increasingly prevalent in nightclubs, weddings, music festivals, and parties, among other places. A few days ago, we witnessed an example of how a lady with huge buttocks allegedly break the manhood of a man during the tropical festival.

If you look closely at the video, you can see a female musician performing on stage with her female dancer. The female dancer became so enthralled that she grabbed one of the men from the audience. She forced this man to lie down on the platform. She started twerking on this man heavily as the fans were cheering her up.

This female dancer is heavily endowed with a huge backside. She first used her buttocks to hit the stomach of the gentleman lying down on the platform. The young man at this point wanted to run away from the platform but the lady grabbed him again and started twerking on his face. She used her buttocks to hit this gentleman's face about six times.

After this incident, the female dancer realized that the gentleman is not showing any sign of getting up or movement of his body so she gets off from him. Not knowing the guy passed out when she was twerking on his head.

The security guys came to check whether he is pretending but they found out that the guy has truly passed out. Some social media users even believe that the guy is dead because he was not showing any sign of life when the security guys tried to raise him up.


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