These Old Pictures Of Moyo Lawal Would Make You Wonder How She Got Her Curves


Often times, the manner in which girls looks transform with time is very wonderful and amazing. Their transformation process used to make people wonder about how it actually happened.

Some girls who were slim will just transform into a fat person and sometimes into a round figure or shape. Simply put, into a curvy girl. This is the case of Moyo Lawal who was slightly slim in her old pictures. She was even slightly dark facially.

Now, Moyo Lawal has totally transformed into a full-grown lady with curves and a round figure. How she achieved her transformation is unknown to people. Some thinks her transformation was enhanced by drugs while others think it's natural.

Recently, the Nollywood actress took the entertainment industry by storm with her mouth-watering pictures which displayed her wonderful curves.

Check out Moyo Lawal's transformation in these pictures which are arranged from old to new;

What do you think about Moyo Lawal's massive transformation?

Do you think her curves is natural or a product of drug enhancement?

Let us know what you think under the comment section.

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