Captain Smart opens his eyes widely on live Tv to elucidate Otumfuor Opoku adage

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The holy book says wisdom is paramount, in all things get understanding and knowledge is also power. It seems Kingship and wisdom are intertwined as great Kings have always displayed how intelligent they are and given sound judgment in serious matters of the state. 

Captain Smart, this morning took some time to reminisce what Otumfuor Opoku Ware the king the then King of the Ashanti region did and said sometime back when he gave a just ruling on a chieftaincy issue. The King opined that "when the indigenous elect a clown as a paramount chief, they begin to have itchy bodies." Captain quoted the king's adage about the current leaders ruling the country.

According to the media man, the incompetence of this administration is legendary and the whole cabinet is full of men who are incapable to make any decision that will benefit the masses. Ghana as a country remains one of the leading producers of cocoa and the harvest is put in sacks which we import from Ivory Coast.

Surprisingly, the country has a sack-making factory that has been left to rot in the bush and we import sacks to the tune of $25 million into the country. The 12-acre factory which is located in the Eastern at Adeiso was built in 2016 and it remains the biggest sack-making factory in Africa. It is expected to manufacture about 600,000 sacks and with its expansion, the factory can manufacture 3 million sacks.

In conclusion, Captain Posited that the government claims to have forgotten the project and the reason why Ghana is suffering is that anytime we import from abroad, someone receives his share of the money.

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