Shudufhadzo Musida Left Mzansi Stunned as She Makes it to Miss World Top 40

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Apart from manifesting her passion for mental health awareness, Miss Musida is an educated lady who takes pride in the power of education.

Shudufhadzo Musida is overjoyed after making it into the top 40 of the Miss World competition.

The actress expressed her appreciation to all of her fans and stated that she will be traveling to Puerto Rico in March to compete in the Miss World beauty pageant's grand finale, which will be held there.

"I am really honored to announce that I have been selected for the @missworld Top 40. " "Beauty with a purpose was my primary motivation going into this competition, and having my project selected as one of the winners is a tremendous honor. However, meeting the human embodiments of beauty with a purpose in the other finalists made the trip that much more satisfying."

"So, to my fellow Miss Globe sisters, thank you for opening your hearts to me and the rest of the world," says the winner. It takes a village to raise a child in my lovely South Africa, Ndo livhuwa, and it is our tales, as well as your support, that have brought me to this point. Thank you so much to everyone in my Miss World family. My return to Puerto Rico in March is something I'm really looking forward to."

Shudhufhadzo stood out from the rest of the contenders for the Miss South Africa 2020 crown because she exuded self-assurance. During the tournament, her demeanor and demeanor of the other competitors were clear indicators. Her eloquence following her selection as the winner also spoke much about her. These are some of Shudufhadzo Musida's photographs that serve as evidence of her status as a deity.

Aside from demonstrating her commitment to mental health awareness, Miss Musida is a well-educated woman who believes in the transformative power of education. She is a graduate of the University of Pretoria, where she studied Bachelor of Social Sciences in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics before moving on to other opportunities. She is also a student at the University of Witwatersrand, where she is studying a BA Honours in International Relations with a concentration in International Relations.

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