History: Ghana Supreme Court building is anti-earthquake. It can be a place of safety or refuge.


The Supreme Court is the zenith Court in Ghana which functions in all matters of law and constitutional matters. During its renovation in 2016, The lady Chief Justice exposed that, the building had only four main purpose court rooms but the temples hosted judges and lawyers with the best and finest judicial minds and legal brains; where justice was administered. The value of the Supreme Court predisposed it to enjoy a well-built infrastructure.

It is of no reasonable doubt that, old building in Ghana are very strong and powerful- the Supreme Court building is of no exception if not the best among all. According to history, the foundation of the Supreme Court building was built deep down into the earth with the best of building materials. The Supreme Court was recently renovated (2016) and in a speech, The Lady Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Georgina Theodora Wood disclosed that the construction of the Supreme Court Building with its heavy and elegant ionic columns and bars began in 1927 and was finally established in 1929.

The building which took two years to be built was to resist any damage from an earthquake to be specific. This information was disclosed by an historian at the Supreme Court at a visit to the premises. The exact dimensions for the foundations as well as the depth and the material used for the building was not well booked or penned down. However, it stands to reason that the historian had it right and the memory of the writer couldn't erase this astonishing revelation; that the Supreme Court building is anti-earthquake. One major prove is that, for over 90 years, the pillars of the building is still strong.

According to the historian, should a serious earthquake occur in the country, the Supreme Court building if not be destroyed. Even if it will be destroyed, it will be the very last building to collapse. This looks mysterious but it stands to reason that the-then architectures were great experts in their field. The forts, castles, amongst other old buildings says it all; these buildings are even stronger then some modern buildings. Maybe embarking on an excursion to the Supreme Court will make you discover some of the hidden truths about the gargantuan building; one of which I've disclosed in this article- it cannot be destroyed by earthquakes.

In recent times, whereby the country is experiencing waves of succeding earthquakes, one of the question everyone should be asking by now is, where do I get safety? From this article, one of the places you can get safety according to history is the Supreme Court building. So anytime you are walking around the environment of the Supreme Court building (which is opposite the Kwame Nkrumah Museum) and an earthquake occurs, you can rush into this building.

Notwithstanding, we also have to understand that the building cannot guarantee 100% safety, with very strong thresholds or higher intensities of earthquake, the building might collapse too. This is nature and we cannot do anything to stop it; however, the building can provide safety to an extent.

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