'Kisumu Having Less Covid-19 Cases?' Netizens React To MOH Statistics


Since Corona virus invaded Kenya in March 2020, the Ministry of Health has been doing daily statistics on the spread of the pandemic in the 47 counties. Many counties have been affected like Nairobi, Uasin Gishu, Kisii, Kilifi and lately Kisumu which has recorded a new type of Covid-19 which was first recorded in India.

Netizens in Twitter were surprised on Sunday 6th June to find Kisumu missing from the daily MOH Covid-19 statistics. This is after a new type of Corona Virus which first appeared in India had invaded Kisumu. Ministry of Health statistics on Saturday 5th June showed Kisumu was leading the table with 54 cases followed closely by Nairobi with 53 cases.

However, today 7th June Kisumu had only 5 cases according to the MOH statistics. This means that there were few cases of Covid-19 case registered today. It is ironical for Covid-19 cases to go down at a quick rate from 54 cases to 0 cases the next day then rise again to 5 cases today. Netizens in Twitter reacted to the MOH post many with different views. Some netizens said the statistics are political while others say the Health Ministry has been 'cooking figures' for the distribution of the Covid-19 cases. Here are some of the comments Kenyans tweeted :

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