Citizen Tv's Wahiga Mwaura In Mourning

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Renowned Royal media news anchor Wahiga Mwaura is in Mourning after his friend one al deejay lost his daughter Etana.

One al posted on his instagram page "The best is what i had for you mama but you have attained perfection with Jesus our lord. I love you and i miss you my princess."

It is not clear what happened to baby Etana but it broke Wahiga Mwaura who reposted the deejay's post on his timeline.

Hundreds of celebrities sent their condolences to Etana's family. Here are a few of the comments

Alex Mwakideu: Praying for you and Jenna Mungu mbele

Joydoreenbiira: This is heartbreaking God comfort you all and give you the strength.

Chris : This is has broken my heart am praying for you and Jenna.

Jahmby Koikai: Praying for you and your family Oneal. Praying for strength and peace that surpasses all understanding. God be with you.

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