Just in: The Government gave Davido money to shoot Aye music video - Ashes.


Media personality Ashes, a very strong entertainment critic/pundit has made strong revelations. 

For some funny reasons, we seem to be involving Nigerians in our discussions anytime we feel bitter about certain challenges. 

Former Minister of creative arts Hon Dzifa Gomashie pointed out how the media is now filled with foreign content. This has become a topic of discussion for a while, and some media platforms are having broader conversations

We all know Ghana at a point used to be a powerhouse or "Art basket" when it came to entertainment in west Africa and even Africa as a whole. 

Ghana debatably was leading when it came to movie, music and name it. A lot of foreigners including our brothers and sisters from Nigeria came to Ghana to learn the craft, went back to set up colleges and are now succeeding. 

Sure! Tables have turned. Now Nigeria seems to be the entertainment food basket, feeding Africa. They are succeeding in are selling our content and materials back to us.

Our creatives, including art consumers, are now flooding into Nigeria in search of quality. And who do we blame?

Ourselves or Successive Governments? 

These were some of the hurtful concern that got Ashes extremely mad. On a morning show, on the daybreak hits with Andy dosty, He was confused as to why the Nigerian Government is investing in their own while Ghanaian leaders watching their own collapse. 

Shockingly, he pointed out how according to reliable sources, Davido's aye music video was allegedly sponsored. And that was the bomb! To think that an African Government will believe in the arts and invest in them is revealing. Especially when we have this perception about African leaders investing in their pockets and turning their ear away from critical issues

Some of us came to read on how Ghana's first president used to be a lover of Arts and how he invested in the art sector. He even went with selected musicians, actors etc anytime he travelled.

The question is how come the leaderships after Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Jerry Rawlings never did any major investment into the art sector?  

This is debatable share your thoughts on this.

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