'Wee Nani Wacha Kiburi' William Ruto Tells His Supporter While In Lang'ata

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The deputy president was on Tuesday in Lang'ata in Nairobi County.While addressing the Lang'ata residents, several youths disrupted his rally by blowing trumpets with some raising plack cards which forced the deputy president to ask them to stop.

William Ruto promised to build a four storey market in Lang'ata so as to provide enough working space for the business people.He enhanced his bottom up economic model by encouraging the residents to vote for him so that he can help the poor Kenyans through his bottom up economic model.Most of the supporters cheered in support however,few supporters made alot of noise that forced the deputy president to stop them.

Photo Courtesy Of Rutos' Previous Rally

William Ruto stated,' wee nani wacha kiburi, kiburi ni ya nini' this is after he asked a supporter not to raise his plack card very high because he was blocking other supporters from seeing the DP but he was hesitant.Watch from minute 3:50.


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