The Tribe Where The Bride Price Includes About 100 Cows & The Wife Stops Cooking For 3years


Marriage as we all know is the union of a man and a woman to become a husband and a wife. In most African countries, a man have to pay the bride price of the woman he wants to marry before he will be allowed to marry her. Bride price of a woman varies depending on the tribe she come from.

In South Sudan, there is a tribe where about 100 cows are included in the bride price of their women. The people of this tribe are called the "Dinka" people. In this tribe a newly wedded woman stops cooking and all chores are suspended for 3years during the period called "nyuuc".

Nyuuc period is meant for a woman to rest, relax and enjoy as she grow more beautiful. Her sister's husband does the house chores like cooking, sweeping, collecting firewood, and so on.

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