Hindus Celebration Brings Thika Town to a Standstill [VIDEO]

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Hindus celebrating in Thika town.

Members of Hindu community left Thika residents in awe after they held a colourful procession in Thika Town to celebrate the opening on a new temple at Section 9.

They took to the streets singing and dancing as they pushed carts carrying their idols on Saturday afternoon.

They were in their thousands. The elderly and children included in the fete that caught the town residents in a surprise.

Thika Town came to a standstill. Traffic movement was affected and people left their daily activities to line up on the roads to catch a glimpse.

A video (Below) shared by Gikuyu Digital TV on youtube highlighted how important the event was.


“It is a big day for us. We are happy for achieving this. We have another Temple in Thika” a faithful said.

Residents said they have never seen such a celebration before.

“I was stunned by the idols they have in their temples. They are colorful. It is good to appreciate each other’s traditions and right of worship” Paul Mutua a resident said.

Business lady Martha Kariuki said she was surprised that Thika town had so many Indians.

“We have lived together but I never though they are such many. This is big” she said.

Police were deployed not only to offer security bit help control the big number of people coming out to watch the fete.

Thika is an industrial town and historically has accommodated all races, tribes and religious groups.

“It is a town with a very rich history. It was given town status in a government gazette in 1924” a resident said

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