Aisha Yesufu Cited Monopoly as Reason For Dangote's Business Success, See Her Assertion


Many people who had grown up in Nigeria might have the thinking that Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the only man that knows how to, or have the perfect acumen on how to run a successful business, and make it become a venture running into billions due to the output of his products that are hits in the Nigerian market.

Dangote is the name of a business that is known all over the nooks, and crannies of the country, every locale no matter how primitive it might appear are in the know of a Dangote product which gets to them, this is not their fault as the businessman is virtually into many things, especially the production of food stuffs, and provisions which is needed by the people.

But in as much as many people view Dangote as a man who is a great businessman that is bound to succeed, and dominate in all of his business ventures, one person who isn't carried away by the hype is female activist Aisha Yesufu who suggest that Dangote's success seems to be derived from the sales of products he seems to hold monopoly over.

The very opinionated woman via a tweet had gone to ask a question like, If Dangote is such a great bubusinessman why doesn't he thrive where he doesn't have monopoly? As she cited Dangote's ventures like Mowa water, Dansa juice, Dangote flour, and noodles as products which Dangote has ventured in their provision but didn't thrive in due to competition from other manufacturers. As she went on to disregard the notion of Dangote being a champion of all trades saying ''Those who are cronies of every government and grow on government patronage should not abuse our sensibilities''

With her assertion, I think people have to open their minds, and realize that the giving of a man monopoly in the production of pra producthich is of high demand will only result toin price increase which will be above the purchasing power of the public.