Tempers Flare As Moses Foh-Amoaning Is Forced Offline After A Clash with Gay Activist On TV


The ongoing battle for the legalization of the LGBT still continues. Though many are against physical abuse of the members of the group, the acts of the group are frowned by majority of Ghanaians. The laws of Ghana are against any act of unnatural carnal knowledge of a person.

On TV3’s ‘The Keypoints’, Ignatius Annor, a gay clashed with Moses Foh-Amoaning, an anti LGBT+ activist. According to Ignatius Annor there was nothing wrong with 2 men having feeling for each other. He indicated that many Ghanaians need to be educated. He also advised those hiding because of their true self of being part of the group to come out of hiding.

Abena Tabi then called Moses Foh-Amoaning, a lawyer and Executive Secretary of National Coalition For Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values on the line for his thoughts on Ignatius Annor and his calls for the rights of the group to be respected. It can be recalled that few days ago Moses was sacked by the Association of African Albinos for his hard stand on the LGBT community. 

Tempers flew as Moses tried to give reasons why the group should not be tolerated in Ghana. According to Moses, there are so many effects of the acts involving this group. He also mentioned that the group is cunning and forcefully recruiting people into their group. He maintained that for gays they end up having so many medical complication afterwards.

 At one point he was throwing words at Ignatius and another human rights activist on the lie. It took the intervention of the host to end the call and restore order to the interview. Is Akufo-Addo’s declaration that he will not legalize same sex enough to stop the group? Share your thoughts

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