" They want him behind bars before he spills the beans", Zuma's ally faces arrest

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Analytical columnist, Modibe Madiba has spilled beans that previous jail chief, Arthur Fraser will be captured before long.

Fraser was the person who supported the arrival of previous president Jacob Zuma from jail released early, the high court later decided that the delivery was unlawful.

The insightful columnist uncovered that the foundation need to capture Arthur Fraser as he is going to drop a stunner on boss equity Raymond Zondo and president Cyril Ramaphosa so he can be hushed.

"Arthur Fraser will be captured in the following coming days. This is on the grounds that Fraser is going to drop a major bomb on Boss Equity Raymond Zondo and President Cyril Ramaphosa. The foundation needs him out and in jail before he gives everything away," he said.

This comes as Zuma's lawful group and the Division of Restorative Administrations have not many days to record applications in the High Court of Allure testing the decision by the High Court which expressed that Zuma's delivery from jail was unlawful.

Hypothesis has it that Arthur Fraser who had needed to affirm at the Zondo Commission, however was not called to affirm has stunning disclosures to make against president Cyril Ramaphosa and Raymond Zondo which is the reason his capture is being arranged so he can't do as such.

Pundits are currently pushing the analytical writer to meet with Arthur Fraser and get all the data before his arranged capture.

"Since you and him have some familiarity with his approaching capture, might he at any point drop the bomb now before that occurs? Or then again could he at any point send you and others the data? I'd detest enduring one more huge delay for the stunner like we're actually sitting tight for Jacob Zuma and his dossier," they said.

Some anyway contend that Arthur Fraser realize that he would have been captured and is presently thinking of stories.

"These ones of Zuma are excessively energetic. He won't drop anything until they drag him to jail. I'm burnt out on ANC games they should only all get together and go so we can get our territory and abundance back."

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