'Drama as Woman Attacks UDA MP While Claiming Unfairness in Sharing of Bursary Funds

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New details have emerged disclosing a dramatic incident where chaos erupted in a UDA meeting that was held in Juja, Kiambu County to elect leaders who will be carrying out the party activities in Juja Constituency. The meeting was disrupted after chaos were witnessed in the meeting. New reports now say that a woman attacked the Member of Parliament of Juja, George Koimburi as she claimed that there has been corruption in the sharing of bursary funds in the constituency. This disrupted the activities of the meeting for a while but was later resolved and the meeting continued.

The lady was then kicked out of the meeting by those who were in attendance. Details say that the meeting later continued peacefully. The incident was termed political by the leaders who had attended and who are allied to the Deputy President William Ruto.

Several leaders have also responded to the incident as they condemn it while calling upon Kenyans to support the Deputy President William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance party.


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