Check out photos of Cindy, Date Rush.


MCindy of Date Rush. Who is ready to know her real life and reason why she's on Date Rush? Date Rush , an exciting programme set on the TV station basically for people to find their true love. People keep getting amazed as true lovebirds can be found on TV stations.

Well, if it's possible or not in real life, we are yet to know.

Cindy,a thirty three year old lady sparks the net with her beauty. As known, she's being into several relationships which failed. However , she on Date Rush is to find her love, but it seems her hopes has been turned down.

She hasn't gotten any date as any other lady would, within just her first blink. Her fans then to turn to ask, is it because her age is beyond expectations. Meanwhile , they give her high hopes telling her ,she would have her dream come true.

But taking a second look ,Cindy seem to have grown but her beauty can't be compared to her age. She displays cute photos on instagram which has kept her fans tongues wagging till now. Her official name on instagram is #cindyblanks.

See some of her photos.