Here Is How To Clean Smelly Earrings

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To clean your smelly earrings, you need to start by taking your earrings out. Even if the piercing is not completely healed.

Then clean the piercing area gently and carefully using saline water and a piece of cotton. You should also clean the earrings. And it’s also advisable that you take a little break from wearing earrings.

If the piercing site is not completely healed, taking the earrings out means risking the holes closing up permanently.

There are several ways of cleaning your earrings, mostly if they are smelly. But the most important thing for you to take note of is that the cleaning process will largely depend on the materials that the earrings are made of.

Here are some cleaning options you can try out:

1. Making use of Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide is not just one of the most recommended cleaning solutions for jewelry, but it is also a good disinfectant. So, it will get rid of all the dirt, kill bacteria and other unwanted organisms, and in the process, take away the odour. 


2. Use alcohol to wipe the earrings.

If you are in a hurry and you really need your earrings cleaned fast, you may want to try some alcohol.

Just carefully take the earrings one after the other, and use the alcohol on the piece of cotton wool to rub them until they feel and appear as clean as you’d want them to be.

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