"Why Are All Government Officials From Mt Kenya Region?" Kenyans React As Koome Is Nominated As CJ.


Kenyans have sparked different reactions after the Judicial Service Commission revealed their new Chief Justice nominee. As the JSC forwarded the name to the president for verification, Kenyans were left discussing on this appointment of the new Judiciary leader. Justice Martha Koome who has been in the field of Law for almost 38 years was able to edge out as the winner and is now waiting for vetting by the National Assembly.

It is the first time in Kenyan history that a woman is occupying such a big position in the government. Women all over the country have expressed their positive feelings as they now see their fight for gender equality in the government is being upheld. Once verified, she will occupy this position that had previously being held by Chief Justice David Maraga.

However, many are the Kenyans who were not happy with this appointment, especially those outside Mount Kenya region. Martha is from Mount Kenya region and the citizens noted that currently all the arms of the government and other key positions are all being held by people from Mountain and it seems there is no regional balance.

Just to name a few a few key government leaders from Mount Kenya region we have;

> The president who is the leader of the executive.

> The attorney general

> The speaker of the national assembly who is the leader of legislature.

> The head of public service

> The head of Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

> The head of Directorate Of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

> And now the chief justice nominee who will be the leader of the Judiciary.

In my own opinion, gender based, they nominated very well but regional based,they seem to have not followed regional balance and below are reactions from some Kenyans.

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