Dear Men, Before Giving Up On A Relationship Do These 3 Things.


What baffles me about life is how people give up easily. We all know that fingers are not equal and life is not a bed of roses. We have ups and downs and also we have our differences. Without being bias, we all have our differences, and we know how to express our displeasure more than one another.

One thing I used to consider when we have misunderstandings with my partner is the fact that I remember the love we used to share and hold on to her. Correct her in love and let that be in the past. The truth is, if you love your partner, you wouldn't let go easily. 

And so in this article, I'll be showing us 3 things to do before giving up on a relationship with your partner.

1. Give Her A Second Chance.

No one is a perfect being. Second chances are meant to be given to correct one another. This is when you'll get the chance to express what she did wrong or what you don't like and tell her better ways she could behave just to avoid break up. I'm sure when she realizes her mistakes she would not hesitate to apologize for her mistakes.

2. Talk To Her Friends.

One of the people girls listen to is their friends. Friends have their way of communicating corrections to someone.  They can correct harshly and nicely without offending her. That way you've proven to her that you still very much want her but you need her to correct her behaviors towards you.

3. Speak With Her From Your Heart.

When you speak to her from your heart you might appease her emotions. When she feels guilty of her actions she might as well apologize and turn a new leaf. You just have to speak with her. This point is like the best of it all. After you've given her a second chance and you've spoken to her friends to help you talk to her, you would still need to speak with her yourself because this would make her understand how you truly feel. Talk to her from your heart

Read again. Have a nice day.

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