Police Officers Retrieve Body Of 57yrs Old Woman Who Passed Away In The Room Of Her Form 3 Lover.

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A bizarre incident has been reported today in Kariobangi after police officers retrieved body of a 57 years old lady who had passed away while with her lover. According to residents, the lady used to check in that rental house with this form three boy in the evenings most especially when the boy returned from school. On this fateful day, the two arrived as usual but nobody knows what transpired between them. It has been reported that today afternoon police officers opened that door and they were shocked to see the dead body on the bed. It has been reported that foam was coming out of her mouth and the roam was just in a bad condition. Furniture in the house was scattered all over a clear condition that they two had a fight before the boy escaped. According to police officers, chances are the lady took poison after the fight. Police officers have taken that body to the morgue and they are currently looking for the form three boy. (Source, Plug TV).

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