"When Enyeama wanted to touch Messi to check if he is human" and 10 Throwback Memes you would love


Memes are not just for entertainment purposes, they are sometimes made to revive those old memories we have. Here is a compilation of throwback memes you can't ignore.

This is the first one on the list. As a lot of boys and girls know, Messi is an outstanding and even invicible player to an extent. Nigeria ex goalkeeper once tried to touch him to check if he is an human capabke of performing such feats.

This meme is about the olden days freezer which is a clay pot. This pot perform wonders as it is capable of making water stored in it cool even in the hottest weather.

As this meme below indicates, back then you are not rich if this was not your home setting. People would be amused to compare it with today's modern setting which is simple but very efficient. This is our popular musician back then .

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