Read what a man did to his friend who was dating his wife.


'I did this after I've discovered that my best 'I did this after I've discovered that my best friend aged 45 was dating my wife aged 25'.

You can't believe this. A man wrote and post on Twitter the relationship game between him, his friend, his wife and his friend's daughter.

According to the 35 years old man, his friend who was 45 years was dating his wife. This was what he said 'I'm a man aged 35. I have discovered that my best friend was dating my wife. I have all the evidence. She is 25 years old. We got married and had a white weeding last year in April. My best friend is 45'.

The man claimed he got to know about this after having hacked his wife's phone leading to him having access to the charts on her WhatsApp. After all this, the man decided not to ask anyone anything about the issue but rather went on to date his friend's daughter who was a student in the University.

He therefore succeeded and even had his friend's daughter to love him to the extent that, she asked of his hand in marriage. The post below can talk more about if.

So this was what the man did. Now if you are the man, what would you have done?. Kindly let me know in the comment section. And remember to click on the follow button for mote updates.

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