Here Are The Marketable Courses You Can Successful Pursue In Kenya

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Today we will share with you the three best courses you can pursue in Kenya.

1. Engineering courses

There are a number of engineering courses offered in Kenya at both the degree, diploma and certificate levels. These include mechanical, electrical, automotive, water, chemical and civil engineering, among others. These courses still have a lot of market and you can as well employ yourself and others.

2. Education

This is still one of the fields that employ alot of trainees. There are various education courses in the country. One can train to be a primary teacher, a secondary school teacher, college and university lecturers. Education is done at both the diploma and degree levels after which you can go up to PhD level.

3. Health courses

There are tens of health courses being offered in the country. These include bachelor's of medicine and surgery, clinical medicine, nursing, nutrition, radiology, orthopedic, etc. They have a very good market worldwide. Some are offered at both degree and diploma levels, while others start from the degree levels.

What other marketable courses do you think one can pursue? For more like share and follow.

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