Child Abuse; Why Mothers Should Not Work For Anybody But Themselves!


The world seems to be falling deeper and deeper into wickedness as many innocent children are being violated, abused and scarred for life. Everyday we hear stories of rape or domestic violence where children are found in the middle of it all.

No matter how careful some parents are, it seems they can never seem to be able to protect the children. Especially times were fathers are violating their children and teachers who are suppose to teach and protect end up abusing the children placed in their care.

One thing we can do to reduce this is preventing mothers from working for anybody but themselves.


Once you become a mother you're responsible for another human, and this includes when the baby is still in the womb. What this means is from the time you get pregnant to when you give birth and even till the child comes of age, the child is your responsibility.

You need flexible time to be able to take care of your children. The whole issue of taking permission from a boss, in other to stay home with a sick child, or forcing the child to go to school even when they are not well because of fear of being sacked can be avoided. A mother should have her own business so she can lock up and go take care of her children when the need arises or bring the child to her business place if necessary. A mother should be able to lock up her store to stay home with a sick child without worrying about an overzealous boss.

This will also avoid leaving the child at school for hours even when school has closed, because you need to close from work first. Some parents even leave their children after school with lesson teachers who may end up abusing the child because of lack of flexible time allocation. A mother should be able to go pick up her child at any time and maybe bring the child to the store. If there must be a lesson teacher, the lessons should be done under supervision of the mother.

This idea will also avoid asking stranger, uncles and aunties to go pick up the child and maybe keep them till the parents return. Most times these people end up being abusers. If you work for yourself, you can go and pick your child at any time and take the child to your business place if you don't want to go home yet.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that mothers should be their own bosses. Leave your comments below.