Prayer: Holy Spirit, Help Me To Use Prayer: Holy Spirit, Help Me To Use My Talent In A Way That I Can Generate Profit To God's Kingdom

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"Take away his talent and give it to the one who has the most talent." Matthew 25:28

Grace is a gift from God given to believers in diverse ways. God has given everyone of us a unique set of skills. There is a big difference between having a talent and using it.

He brought joy to a city by shining for God in Acts 8: 5–8. Is there a specific number of people, families, or communities that you have brought happiness to? To be a source of joy for others, one man with the same Holy Spirit you have must be a joy to others.

As an alternative, when the light goes out, the darkness takes control. A believer in his or her right mind would not want to go through the consequences of not trading the talent given to them (Matthew 25: 28–30) in the parable of the talents. The unproductive servant received a scolding instead of a commendation.

Don't let God chastise you for ignoring your natural skill! His one-talent-recipient also lost it when he traded with another servant. Isn't it interesting to realize that some Christians can lose their gifts while on Earth? Using what God has given you in a way that glorifies Him is one reason to do so. Using God's riches in a way that brings glory to Him eliminates the need to share them with anybody else.

Many Christians today have lost the ability to operate their divinely endowed talents and abilities because they failed to use them properly. They can only point to others who are using the talents they once had. In the name of Jesus, this will not be your lot! Unprofitable servant was the label given to the employee.

Can God use you as a servant who serves him well? What kind of benefit have you contributed to the Kingdom of God by your presence and involvement?

In the end, the servant was forced to spend eternity among those who did not believe in God. This means that even if you are saved by the blood of Jesus and your salvation does not assist God's Kingdom, you may still be damned to hell. You deserve to be in Heaven! Get up, dust off your skills, and put them to work right now.

If your life is truly profitable for God's Kingdom, you will be rewarded both now and in the afterlife.

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