If You Have 2 Dimples At Your Lower Back, Here Is What It Means

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Back dimples are the two dimples that appear on your lower back. These dimples are caused by tissues that connect the skin to the pelvis, according to Webmd.

These dimples are commonly referred to as Venus dimples, and they are said to boost a person's fertility and luck.

Aside from the back dimples, the sacral dimples are another type of dimple. The sacral dimple, unlike the back dimples, is a single dimple. It's also harmless, but it can be brought on by things like:

1) Spina bifida Occulta: This is a condition in which the spinal cord is not completely enclosed by the spine.

2) Tethered cord syndrome is a condition in which tissue connected to the spinal cord restricts movement. This disorder can cause a child's bowel movements to become uncontrollable.

The lower back dimple, on the other hand, is completely safe and normally appears at birth. It is also regarded as an indication of female attractiveness.

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