Do you have a plan to start a salon business. Here are the equipments you need.


The whole array of equipments that are needed to run a salon vary with capital, competition, target market and personal taste of the owner. Generally though the important equipments include:

1.Blow Dryer – This is for straightening the hair and other related functions. Prices range from Kshs.2000 to Kshs.15, 000 with most salons opting for models which cost an average of Kshs.2, 500. Dryers are available in supermarkets and other salon equipment suppliers

2. Chairs – These are styling chairs which customers sit on while having their hair made, and also while waiting to be served.There are many salons which start with very basic Kenpoly chairs which go for Kshs.500 each. The alternative is to go for specialist hair styling chairs. Prices range from Kshs.2000 to Kshs.30000 depending on the quality and features such as sink, levers for adjustment, quality of leather and so forth.

3.Hair Styling Station – For a more professional look a Hair Styling Station maybe necessary. This is a wooden/metallic structure with a mirror, drawers and compartments to hold different tools. Some salons improvise this by having mirrors, shelves and bowls to hold equipment.

Price of A Hair Styling Station averages Kshs.20, 000 but could be as low as Kshs.7000

4. Sterilizer – This is used to sterilize equipment to kill gems and maintain a high level of hygiene. The price ranges from Kshs.5, 000 to Kshs.15, 000 depending on make and model.

5. Hair Strainers – These are used for straitening hair. Prices average Kshs.3,500

6. Shampoo Bowls/Sinks – These can be on their own or with a sink fixed to a chair

8.Manicure and Pedicure Sets / Mini Spas – Kshs.500 to Kshs.1500

9.Other Miscellaneous Items

Prices of the below items range from Kshs.100 to Kshs.1500 depending on quality

and supplier:

- Towels

- Shower Caps

- Combs and Brushes

- Scissors & Tweezers

- Gloves & Aprons

- There are other miscellaneous equipment that

- Cosmetics/ Applicants

- Hair Chemicals

- Shampoos

- Conditioners

- Cutex

- Facial creams


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