10 ways to stay happy in a relationship


1. Communicate Openly

Communication style is more important than commitment levels, personality straits or stress in predicting which couples will stay happy. Healthy couples know how to keep the lines of communication open and don't avoid conflict. Happy couples know that the best conversations happen without the distraction of phones, tablets and laptops.

2. Exercise Together

Research show that couples who do exercise together are more satisfied with their relationship. Psychology today shows several studies that report that, the symptoms of physiological arousal (the type of high you get from exercise) mimic the effect of sexual and romantic arousal. If you work out together, you will feel sex, and in love.

3. Laugh

A research show that laughter relaxes the whole body, releases endorphins and boosts the immune system. Laughing and smiling can make you feel better, so if you and your partner are both having a hard time, try to smile and laugh for no good reason. The natural act of laughing will make you happier and even healthier.

4. Switch Roles Once in a while

Stagnant relationship can be made possible by boredom and routine. You can as well switch to drive if your hubby always drive, or if she always cooks then you can suggest some meals and prepare them once a while. Switching roles mix things a little but make you appreciate things from your partner's perspective.

5. Be tolerant of Physical Change

As you grow old together with your partner, you both mature and change. Because you have grown very comfortable together, you may be quick to point out flaws in each other. But if you want your relationship to last, you should never mention the stretch marks, the bald spot or the beer belly. No matter how old and wrinkly you have become. Words like "you look beautiful", "you look good" and "I love you" should never fade from you.

6. Don't forget the small things

Words like please and thank you should last in you and manners are very important. Even with the person you have been with for 20 years. Expand the same respect to your partner the same way you would do to your guest. Making polite conversations, and practising good manners and being nice is very important and will go along way in maintaining culture of mutual respect.

7. Eat together

Research tells that families that eat together stays together. Super table is a place for couples and their family members to connect and to receive nourishment, both physical and spiritual. Eating good food together at a table will encourage good family nutrition and provides a regular sacred space for conversation and laughter.

8. Go on vacation

Many happy families take their own short vacations, or have regular trips away with a social group. Being a lone, meeting new friends or enjoying adventures without your partner can be very empowering some time. You will return to your partner enthusiastic, energized and more in love.

9. Have sex almost daily

Making love every day removes the anxiety that some couples feel when it comes to time to "perform". And also brings you closer together to your partner. Research says that sex can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, prevent prostate cancer and improve sleep. Sex can also improve your health.

10. Never go to bed angry (instead do sleep on an argument)

If you have a disagreement in the evening, do not discuss things when you are both tired. Set time to talk the following day. Just say goodnight and sleep on it. Things will be very clearer in the morning. There is an old saying "never go to bed angry" at night is not the best time to solve a disagreement.

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