How to Remix Your Clothes Without Anyone Knowing

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Unless you are a celebrity, wearing one particular cloth in different ways is not new to you. Not many people can afford to be a one-time wearer. And although it can get boring wearing the same cloth, people's concern most time is based on what other people will say. Truly, wearing the same cloth can give the impression that you don't have enough, which is diminishing. But we have all be guilty of this at one time in our lives.

Check the following guidelines if you want to know how you can remix your clothes without anyone noticing.

1. Change your hair

8 Top Tips To Repeat Your Outfits Without Anyone Noticing It!

You will be surprised how a new hairstyle can make people ask you if you just bought your clothes. If you always pack your hair up, try wearing it down. 

2. Use a jacket 

A jacket tends to divert attention to itself. Regardless of what you may be wearing, be it a T-shirt, dress, or skirt, you can lay over a jacket.

3. Change your trouser or skirt

One way to remix your clothes is to switch the bottom another time you want to wear them. If you have a patterned, colored, or printed skirt, you can use any plain top.

4. Change the top

This strategy isn't new as most people do it for jeans trousers. You have to be creative. For instance, you can tuck in your shift one day and tuck in one side of your buttoned shirt the other. 

5. Wear a belt

A belt can change the way people look at your cloth by diverting attention to your waist. It can be a thin matching fabric belt or leather belt. Another formula is to use different colors, but this works mostly with a black belt.

6. Change your accessories and shoes

If you wear a sunshade one day, try a neckpiece with an accentuating earring the other time. Also, a scarf or bag can transform your look entirely. Don't stick to one pair of shoes as well.

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